Aunt Daisy’s Quilt Along Block Unit G for August

This is our final block unit to finish! If you were able to complete last month’s block unit, this month is the same block unit, the Triangle in a Square with one exception, the colors are reversed this month with the MC as the center triangle and the BC as the sides. Next month I’ll show you how to put the blocks together. If you plan to use the Quilt As You Go method to quilt it, you can construct each block but do not sew all of the blocks together. I’m going to sew the units together to make one block, then quilt it and repeat. When I have enough blocks quilted to make one row, then I’ll sew the rows together and show you how to quilt the seam areas, but this is for another month! Enjoy this month’s block unit and now I must hurry and finish up my block units, so I’ll be ready for next month!


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